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Businesses Represented Cradle to Grave

Start-Ups & Emerging Companies

Drake Law Firm, PLLC represents new business start-ups and their owners, entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs, and various next stage growth companies through all stages of each company’s life cycle events from formation through exit event or internal succession. Knowing that an array of legal issues are typically thrown at such companies and their business owners, and that often resources are limited, particularly in the early stages, the Firm strives to provide a menu of options to its clients to provide cost-effective services with forecasted budgeting. While the Firm is well steeped in all of the technical advice a client will need, the Firm is also laser-focused on the practical advice that is often critical to these types of clients.

Selected Services Performed (among many others):
• Formation and structuring for long-term goals
• Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements
• Internal governance matters for shareholders/members
• Employment and consulting arrangements
• Buy-sell agreements and exit strategies
• Financing (debt & equity) arrangements


Growing Middle Market & Mature Businesses

The types of legal services that businesses require often differ depending upon where the business is in its life cycle. While startups and emerging companies have their own initial legal needs, growing (or struggling) middle market companies, as well as mature businesses, have unique legal issues that Drake Law firm, PLLC can assist owners and managers in addressing.

Growth companies, in fact, often have needs based on their very success, such as capital needs. Such companies may also be in interested in acquisitions or in considering being acquired themselves. Growth companies may also be contemplating taking on additional debt or equity financing, or entering into new markets with unique legal challenges. The Firm believes that its approach of being interested and willing to understand its client’s business and providing value-driven, cost-effective legal services based on experience with such companies is critical to the success of these types of companies.

Mature companies, such as those who have been in families for generations for instance, have unique legal needs including business succession planning issues. Buy-sell agreements and the understanding and implementation of an appropriate exit strategy for owners can be critical for such businesses. We believe that our clients are served not only by our experience and technical know-how in these matters, but also by our time and attention in coming to understand our client’s goals, both personal and professional.

862 Brawley School Rd,
Brawley Point, Ste. 203,
Mooresville, NC 28117




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