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Business Law Representation

Outside General Counsel

Drake Law firm, PLLC acts as outside General Counsel for many of its clients. In coming to know its client’s needs and goals, the Firm is able to provide oversight of various legal and business issues facing both large and small companies. By providing such services, clients are able to focus on growing their businesses and increasing their business’ bottom line, as well as meeting other business goals they may have.

Clients appreciate a reliable, knowledgeable outside General Counsel point of contact. The Firm is able to assist its clients in managing their legal costs, while also providing clients with a consistent and coordinated approach to their legal needs. As business clients go through various stages of their life cycle, such as emergence, growth, acquisition-oriented and exit-oriented and succession planning, the Firm is able to draw on its wealth of experience with clients and the Firm’s business knowledge of its clients in preparing for best meeting their future needs.


Contracts & Corporate Agreements

Drake Law firm, PLLC provides extensive legal services in the review, preparation and negotiation of various types of contracts, commercial agreements, and internal corporate governance agreements that are critical to the success and profitability of every business. For all businesses, and their business owners, the key aspects of the business are reflected in a variety of contracts and internal business agreements. In fact, the very success of the company often depends on the strength of the agreements that the business may have internally among its members or shareholders, and that it has with third parties.

The Firm provides its clients a value-driven discussion of options in contract preparation and negotiation, including consideration of the impact of various terms, and the risks to be assessed and addressed when entering into various agreements to best meet our clients’ current needs and attain their long-term goals.

Selected Contracts & Agreements Managed (among many others):
• Business formation documents
• Buy-sell agreements
• Nondisclosure agreements
• Consulting agreements
• Merger, acquisition and divestiture agreements
• Real estate purchase and sale agreements
• Forbearance and workout agreements
• Independent sales agreements and contractor agreements
• Corporate, limited liability company, and partnership governance agreements
• Shareholder and operating agreements
• Confidentiality agreements
• Employment agreements
• License agreements
• Joint venture and strategic alliance agreements
• Financing and refinancing agreements
• Short sale arrangements

862 Brawley School Rd,
Brawley Point, Ste. 203,
Mooresville, NC 28117




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